Solar Pool Heating

Heat your pool with the power of the sun

There’s no better way than to harness the power of the sun to heat your pool. Because we believe so strongly in protecting the environment by using green energy, we install and maintain Solar Industries heating systems.

1904714_300x667 You won’t believe how flexible a solar heater can be. Not only can it function as a backup heater, but because of its design, it can collect more energy than traditional flat collectors.

Benefits of choosing Triple A Pool Services:

  • Over 19 years of experience
  • Competitive pricing
  • FREE after upfront installation fee
  • Certified with APSP

Get the most from your unit:

  • Face in a southern direction
  • Fewer rooftop connections
  • Systems utilize reradiating

Here at Triple A Pool Service we believe very highly in green energy.  There is no better way to use green energy than with a Solar Industries pool heating system.  While you have an upfront installation fee, it is free from there on out.  This works by pumping pool water up through the black collectors on the roof and picking up the sun’s heat, then returning the water back to your pool.

The Solar Industries heating system can be piped into your current pool’s system to work alongside your existing gas heater which then acts as the backup heater.  All 1904905solar collectors should always face in a southern direction to pick up the most benefits from the sun.  They can face east or west depending on the angle of the mounting surface and still get great results. Solar collectors vary in size to maximize your roof’s dimension this makes for a larger collector and less connections on the roof.  Our ever changing temperatures in the north can cause any connection to leak in the future.  The second advantage to the system is in the design.  They are designed to absorb more of the sun’s energy during the entire day.  In addition, the collectors trap more of the sun’s energy by reradiating then a conventional flat collector. The Solar Industries collector comes backed with a lifetime warranty and has been in production since 1976.  Contact us today for a free estimate!